Sicily is offering free hotels and flights to attract tourists

It is time to start thinking again about tourism, one of the cornerstones of the Italian economy that has suffered most in recent months, due to the emergency we are facing worldwide. The Region of Sicily has promoted an exciting initiative to encourage travelers to rediscover its beauty.

There are many programs that, throughout Italy, the main tourist resorts are putting in place so as not to have to give up the summer season. While most of the initiatives work at a local level, such as the model promoted by the island of Albarella, this time it is the Region of Sicily that is carrying out an idea that could prove to be successful. The first details of the project were revealed by the Regional Councillor for Tourism Manlio Messina, who spoke of a 50 million euro fund made available by the local administration to encourage travelers to organize their next holiday in Sicily.

The fund, which has increased to 75 million euros in the last few hours, will be used by the Region to purchase services from the main sectors of the tourism industry. Services that will then be given to travelers as a “reward” for choosing the beautiful island. The idea is to get tourism back on its feet, on the one hand helping businesses with some immediate liquidity and on the other hand families. They wish to treat themselves to a holiday, albeit in financial straits. What exactly does this initiative consist of?

The Region has in mind to buy overnight stays in hotels to offer to visitors with a really interesting formula: for each stay of three nights, one is given as a present. And the convenience increases if the stay is extended, since, out of six nights of vacation, the Region will pay two. The incentives, then, will also concern other sectors of tourism, such as museums and the main attractions of the island. The local administration will buy the tickets, which will then be given as gifts to travelers – in this case, however, the conditions of the offer are not yet known.

Councillor Messina explain that the purchase of the services by the Region should begin shortly, as soon as the initiative is approved in the Chamber. The marketing of the free packages will take place not before July/August if it is decided to encourage summer tourism. There is also the possibility that the packages will be launched in October, in order to encourage seasonal adjustment, i.e. tourism in the medium and low seasons. On the other hand, Sicily is not only a region of beautiful beaches and crystal clear waters: its cities of art hide rare beauties to discover, and there are dozens of delightful little villages to visit.