Discover why Sicily is a safe Italian destination for the summer

Summer is approaching, and with it, the desire to travel is getting stronger and stronger. And a coveted destination, especially during the summer, is Sicily (one of the most incredible islands globally). This year is preparing to be one of the safest destinations for the Italian summer.

In fact, although the virus still continues to circulate, this beautiful region of Italy boasts 24 Covid-free municipalities and all in the province of Messina. In detail it is about Acquedolci, Ali, Casal Vecchio Siculo, Castel di Lucio, Condró, Frazzanó, Gallodoro, Leni, Militello Rosmarino, Mirto, Mongiuffi Melia, Montagnareale, Motta D’affermo, Pagliara, Pettineo, Roccafiorita, San Piero Patti, San Salvatore di Fitalia, Santa Domenica Vittoria, Santa Marina Salina, Santo Stefano Camastra, Savoca, Tripi, Ucria.

Small places not to be missed and that, in addition to being currently zero contagion, win the heart of every visitor thanks to their history and beauty. It is enough to think about the picturesque village of Castel di Lucio, an incredible reality placed on Nebrodi mountains at about 750 meters above sea level. A group of many small houses on which stands out in the center of the Mother Church and its monumental bell tower. But that’s not all; this is also 22 kilometers from the Tyrrhenian coast and its wonderful beaches.

Or in Pettineo, a medieval village looks like a bonbonniere and especially ideal for those seeking some well-deserved relaxation. In addition, this is only 30 kilometers from the beautiful Cefalù, a perfect starting point to explore the wonders of the Sicilian coast.

And what about Tripi? Here the ruins of a medieval castle overlook the town and the blue Tyrrhenian Sea with a view of the Aeolian Islands. But also the Rocca di Novara di Sicilia and the active volcano Etna frame the small town.

Finally, you could choose to make a jump in Savoca, the reality of a thousand attractions and perched on the mountain. In addition, this place is bathed by the torrents of Agrò and is a town of art included in the circuit of the most beautiful villages in Italy.

In short, Sicily this summer could really be one of the safest destinations in Italy and also one of the regions with more wonders to offer its visitors.


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