Top 10 Most Beautiful Beaches in Italy

There are 7,500 kilometers of coast in Italy. Gulfs, inlets, marinas, and natural harbors make an area that is, without a doubt, enchanting even more magical. Yes, the Italian coastline is truly a spectacle and has nothing to envy to so many tropical destinations. Especially our sandy beaches, marvelous expanses set in unique landscapes that become true paradises on earth. Like the Rabbits’ Beach of Lampedusa, wherein the strip of white sand you can even catch a glimpse of the Caretta Caretta turtle’s footprints.

Let’s explore the most beautiful beaches in Italy:

1. Pelosa Beach, Sardinia

Sardinia, one of the most popular destinations for local and international tourism. It is very difficult to choose the most beautiful beaches of such an exceptional land but certainly does not go unnoticed the magnificent La Pelosa Beach, characterized by fine white sand and a turquoise blue sea that shines in the light as if it were a real diamond.

2. Cala Violina beach, Tuscany

Between Follonica and Punta Ala stretches one of the most exceptional beaches in Maremma and beyond. It is Cala Violina, whose singular name derives from the sound that the sand makes when you walk on it and that recalls the symphonies of a violin. The waters are totally crystal clear and the view of the Macchia Mediterranea absolutely takes your breath away.

3. Baia Delle Zagare beach, Gargano

Gargano, also known as Sperone d’Italia (Spur of Italy), offers truly exceptional scenery that is reflected in a fairytale sea. Among these is the Baia Delle Zagare, a truly wild and narrow corner in an inlet enclosed by majestic limestone cliffs. The sand is white and velvety and the sea is a blaze of blue.

4. San Vito Lo Capo beach, Taranto

San Vito lo Capo, another Sicilian jewel, reserves more beaches and one more beautiful than the other. A corner of paradise in the province of Trapani and where stands out for its immeasurable beauty a blue sea that bathes a white sand with Caribbean features and decorated with palm trees, vegetation, and the imposing Monte Monaco that outlines the contours.

5. Cala Bianca beach, Campania

It is, probably, one of the most uncontaminated and exclusive beaches in the whole beautiful Campania region. It is Cala Bianca di Marina di Camerota, an authentic paradise on earth that can only be reached by sea and whose white sand, set in the Cilento coast and surrounded by vegetation, makes all its visitors fall madly in love.

6. Cala Goloritzé, Sardinia

Sardinia never stops coming straight to the heart, especially when it comes to the sea. Among its absolutely exceptional beaches, there is also Cala Goloritzé, where a suggestive pinnacle about 150 meters further, makes this place a natural monument of rare charm. The small stretch of sand is located in the Baunei area and can be reached by sea or on foot along a path of about an hour and a half.

7. Salento Maldives

Salento, in the extreme tip of the heel of Italy and where the waters of two splendid seas meet, extend expanses of sand that bewitch for the beauty of the landscape and the clarity of the colors. These are the Salento Maldives, an explosion of wonder with shallow waters, particularly clear and fragrant waters, sand dunes, and a horizon with breathtaking sunsets.

8. Fetovaia Beach, Elba Island

The Island of Elba is a treasure chest of enchanting treasures. Among them is the Bay of Fetovaia, one of the most evocative of the island for its seabed, sheltered position, the transparency of the water, and the contrasts of color between the sapphire and turquoise sea and the fine white granite sand. Truly an enchanted corner of our country.

9. Budelli Island, Sardinia

How not to mention among the most beautiful beaches in our country the pink sand one at the Island of Budelli? A real stratospheric wonder of nature whose color is due to a pink microorganism that “inhabits” the prairies of Posidonia and lives inside the shells. The sea, of course, is the incredible and unique sea of Sardinia.

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10. Capo Vaticano Beach, Calabria

We are at Capo Vaticano, where 7 kilometers of crystal clear waters are tinged with all shades of colors ranging from turquoise to deep blue and blue. Wonders adorned with panoramas of indescribable beauty. Here there is a wide and sandy beach that owes its name to “a massara” (a housewife) who lived in a small house next to it. A real spectacle.