10 Most Beautiful Islands in Sardinia

A jewel floating on the sea! An extraordinary region of Italy with incredible beaches, crystal clear sea, unspoiled nature, towns and villages that look like favors, and many, many interesting traditions. It’s Sardinia, the second largest island in Italy, and among its coasts, there are 227 islands, and we’re going to discover some of them together.
Here are the most beautiful islands of Sardinia according to italycontest.com.

Island of Asinara

In the north-western tip of Sardinia emerges the spectacular island of Asinara. An enchanting area where various uncontaminated treasures and rare plant and animal species stand out. And then there is the fabulous Cala Sabina, a bay characterized by incredibly soft sand and waters that take on shades ranging from blue to blue to light green.


Caprera is the second-largest island in the Maddalena Archipelago. Known for its unique beauty, but also for being the last residence of Giuseppe Garibaldi and whose memories are still preserved. Here stretches Cala Coticcio, also known as “Tahiti” and where it really feels like living a spectacular dream.

San Pietro Island

And here in the south-western part of Sardinia stands out an island that stands out for its wonderful high and jagged cliffs that are reflected in the crystal clear sea and where there are coves with enchanting coves. It is the Island of San Pietro, where in addition to beautiful beaches there are also two stacks called Le Colonne.

Ogliastra Island

The Island of Ogliastra, or islet of Ogliastra, extends in front of the monumental beach of Arbatax. It is characterized by a limpid and deep seabed and by places so wild that they can only be reached in two ways: on foot from the hinterland along the winding and ancient pastoral paths or more comfortably by sea. An island where the bright and intense colors express the essence of the most uncontaminated nature.


The island of Budelli is part of the La Maddalena Archipelago National Park, an authentic naturalistic oasis, where you can find peace and wild nature. There is only one inhabitant here, Mr. Mauro, who is also its guardian. And among the various wonders of nature here there is also a wonderful pink beach.

Figarolo Island

Incredible but true, but the island of Figarolo has a pyramidal shape. Its high and steep cliffs make the area the ideal habitat for mouflons, even if it often becomes difficult to spot them due to the thick vegetation of holm oaks, mastic trees, and millenary olive trees.

Sant’Antioco island

It’s like a timeless place. We are on the island of Sant’Antioco, connected to Sardinia by a thin strip of land and a bridge. This place is distinguished by its crystal clear sea and a virgin and luxuriant hinterland. Here there is the wonderful Spiaggia del Turri, and it is a small inlet protected by two majestic cliffs that shelter it from the winds and sea storms.

Isola Dei Cavoli

Another wonderful place in Sardinia is Isola Dei Cavoli. It is located in the south-eastern part of the region and is purely granitic. It is also immersed in a wild and protected landscape. There is a beautiful two-story lighthouse built around 1856.


Tavolara is absolutely a majestic island! It is 560 meters high and is known as the “smallest kingdom in the world”. An incredible limestone mountain characterized by impervious rocks and natural tones that take your breath away. To land in the “granite mountain” you need to pass through Spalmatore di terra, a place equipped with a small port and refreshment points. Next to it, there are enchanting beaches adorned with sea lilies.

Spargi Island

The Island of Spargi is, because of its thriving nature and impervious rocks, uninhabited. It stands in front of the western coast of La Maddalena and is the third-largest island in the archipelago’s national park. It stands out for being an uncontaminated paradise of immeasurable beauty, enriched by sandy coves ideal for relaxation and wild character.